Ashamed (Part 3)


The moment she walks into her friend’s apartment, she senses something is wrong… The door was left open, Clothes thrown everywhere, shoes, papers littered around and a phone on the center table ringing with no one to pick… “Tolu! Tolu!”,  Chika calls out to announce her visit but there’s no reply… “TOLU! WHERE ARE YOU!…” “Chika, is that you?”, Tolu walks into the Living room looking tired and disheveled, “Tolu, you look terrible! How are you?, It’s been ages! I was just passing by and decided to call on you briefly, you’ve not even been picking my calls…”, Chika says, hugging her friend, “Seriously, what’s been happening here, I was beginning to think someone had kidnapped you and made a mess of your house while searching for something, How’s Dayo? Talk to me…”, Tolu just shakes her head and clears a space on the couch for them both… “See Chika, I don’t even know what’s happening with my life, several things have happened in the last month, I’m confused…” Chika places her hands around her friend and says, “I’m all ears…”

Tolu sighs and begins, “You know I’ve been out of  job for sometime now…” Chika nods her head “…Well, I started going job hunting, and then, I got to this place and met this guy, He’s the Managing Director of the Company, he said he was going to help me, well, along the line, he asked me out and…” Chika frowns, not liking where things seem to be heading, “didn’t you tell him you are married?”, she asks, “Well… ehm, I didn’t actually, I tried to but…” Chika’s mouth drops open, she can’t believe her ears “…but what?”, she asks,”… but there was never really a right time”,”Of course, there wasn’t”, Chika retorts quietly, rolling her eyes, Tolu continues almost in tears, “Well, things got a lil out of hands and we… ehm… had something…”, she stops to wipe a tear,”… and now I feel terrible and can’t even think straight, I feel dirty… I don’t even … I can’t…”, Chika just keeps shaking her head in disbelieve, “Tolu! I wouldn’t have believed this even in a million years! You’re MARRIED  for crying out loud!”, “I know, I’ve just been feeling very lonely, I’ve never even gotten a real chance at marriage, Dayo is in jail…””…PAYING FOR A CRIME YOU COMMITTED!” Chika Screams at her, “Look here, I don’t know how you’re going to get yourself out of this mess but you owe Dayo a MAJOR apology! I’m sure you haven’t told him this?”, She says, raising her hands in confusion, “I’ve not even seen him in almost three weeks…” She mutters, looking away to avoid the biting glance that Chika throws at her immediately, “I think I’m going to leave you now to sort out your feelings, because the more I stay here, the angrier I get, just make sure you think well, The Poor man doesn’t deserve all this, He’s simply MADLY in love with you, you should see the way he looks at you, he even got arrested BECAUSE OF YOU…” Chika says, getting up and walking towards the door… Tolu doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t even get up to see her to the door, she just sits there thinking… about everything Chika said…

Three hours later, she’s still there, she thinks of her Husband, how they met, their first date, their quarrels, their good times, how he proposed, a little smile rises on her face, then, she thinks of their wedding, the quarrel between her and her Ex, how it got physical and she had grabbed a bottle from the store and hit it on his head, a shiver travels down her spine as she remembers the fear as she saw him drop to the floor, bleeding, she thinks of her Husband,  how he came on the scene and even took the blame for her, she sighs, he’s in Police Custody now, awaiting trial, and she’s here, cheating on him, claiming to be single, ashamed to identify with him… She sits up with a Jolt! She’s been a FOOL!, Chika’s right! he doesn’t deserve all this! She quickly gets up and runs in to start dressing, she has a relationship to save…

On her way to the Police Station, Tolu rehearses all her plans till it actually feels like she is already performing them,  ”I’ll ask to see him, get on my knees, tell him how sorry I am and how stupid I have been, I’ll beg him till he has no choice but to forgive me, I’ll tell him how much I love and appreciate him and afterwards, I’ll be most supportive and loving, I’ll buy him gifts, I’ll…” Tolu was still lost in her thoughts when she arrived at the Police Station… “Good day Sir, Please, I’ll love to see my Husband” She asks the Police Officer whom she had grown accustomed to seeing whenever she came to visit, he always smiled at her and allowed her see her husband for as long as she pleased… But today, he seems different… “Er… Welcome M-m-madam… er… W-w-we’ve been trying to get in touch with you for some time now…er… W-we called your phones and s-sent you m-messages, inv-viting you over…”, he says, stuttering helplessly, Tolu feels a large lump sink to the bottom of her belly,” W-what H-h-happened? W-where is my H-husband?” She asks, stuttering even worse… “Er… I think you sh-should see the D.P.O. m-ma”, he replies…

Her mind is in a turmoil as she walks into the D.P.O’s Office, she introduces herself and they shake hands, the D.P.O. begins his Speech by clearing his throat, after a series of questions which she answers, her heart beating faster and her stomach churning even more with every question, he finally says, “Hmmn, Madam, we regret to inform you that your Husband passed away three days ago” Tolu’s mouth drops Open, she tries to say something, but all she can say is “No, no, no…” “… He had been terribly ill for about two weeks, we tried to get in contact with you but to no avail, we… ” He continues, but Tolu isn’t listening, her world has finally come to an end, the room keeps spinning  around in circles, she slowly loses focus of the face of the speaking man, a cloak of  darkness covers her vision, she hears voices, people shuffling around, but this is one time she prays never to awake, there’s nothing in the world to live for…


You’ve read this lengthy story and I’m sure you’ve formed Your Opinions, You’ve probably insulted Tolu, Wept for Dayo, Imagined how someone could be so ungrateful, e.t.c… I totally agree with you! But do you know that we act this very story out every day of our lives? Let’s think: I know a true story of Someone who saw us in trouble- weak, indebted and confused, He decided to come over to help us out, In the process, He lost His life, but what do we do in return? We profess to love Him, but we are “shy” to talk about Him in public, How many of us can even walk into a restaurant or any public place, pick out our Bibles (His love letters) and read while waiting? [Novels, Newspapers and Magazines just seem more “appropriate”…], many of us work in Offices where people don’t even know that we are Born- Again, many of us can’t even lift our hands when worshiping because our friends are watching, we hear from the Spirit of God and we prefer to say “My mind told me this… and that…” so people won’t raise eyebrows, and of course, “God Bless you” just seems the weirdest form of greeting for a “young person”…  Friends, we cause Jesus’ heart to break each time we deny or “shy away from identifying with” Him so we can flirt with the world, We’ll never bring Him souls that way… and He’s said ”Every one, however, who has been ashamed of me and of my teachings in this faithless and sinful age, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in His Father’s glory with the holy angels.” [Mark 8: 38, WNT]

Finally, If You’re yet to even start a relationship with this person [Jesus], There’s no better time than now! You don’t need well constructed words, He understands,  just tell Him how you feel and tell Him you want to live everyday loving Him, trust me, He’s listening…

Ashamed (Part 2)

jail bars cartoon

The Wait is long… seeming endless, He has been here for five months now and he still isn’t sure when his court case is coming up, his wife- bless her–  has tried to get him a good lawyer but he can’t help thinking it’s all hopeless… “A murder case?”. To him it’s like a dark cloud suddenly thrown over a perfect morning and all he can do is wait… wait for sunshine… But as Dayo sits on the floor of his dark, cold cell, he can’t shake away the hopeless feeling that there may never again be sunshine

“Of course, there’ll always be that Silver lining- His beautiful wife-Actually, the reason why he’s here in the first place…”  He says to himself… But there are a lot of  nudging questions in his mind-”who was that man? What had he to do with his wife?” … He obviously can’t ask his wife during her brief visits, someone might overhear… It’s been alright telling everyone that someone came into their wedding to harass his bride for no reason and he overreacted, leading to the stranger’s death… unsure of the true facts,  he’ll have to trust her and believe in the person he has come to know and love… it must all have a simple explanation…

“Mister Man! You no dey hear again?, Come out joo, Person dey find you!”,  Dayo jolts back to see an angry Prison Warder shaking the locks on the now open cell gate,  he shuffles to his feet and hurries out as he’s led into the visiting room to see his wife… She’d been around to see him twice that week already, but why always at night? He wonders… As he hugs her, he can’t help wondering how their life together would have been had it not been for the incident, he smiles, he’s sure they’d have had a wonderful life together, well, if they actually sail through this alive, they will… He remembers the events that led him here… probably he’ll soon get a chance to truly ask her all the questions on his mind…not that he has any regret for what he did, he swore to be her Armour, come what may,  the first test of his vows only came  too soon…

As they sit to talk, Dayo can’t help but notice the lost look on Tolu’s face, “What’s wrong with you? You’re not listening to me”… Tolu jumps slightly then quickly regains composure and tries to wave it off  ”Oh… just lost in thoughts…” she says as she waves her left hand across to demonstrate…. It is then that Dayo notices… “You’re not wearing your ring”, he says. “Oh I forgot it”, she replies… “again? That’s what you said the last two times” he throws back… “ALRIGHT, you win”, she says, bringing the ring out of her bag and slips it on… He gives her a strange look and says “I thought you said that you forgot it”… she looks taken aback a little and quickly smiles and says, “well, i never said i forgot it at home“… he looks like he wants to say something but then, changes his mind…and also the topic…

“So what about that Job interview, how did it go?” he says, stretching to pick a file from her bag [“Women and their massive bags, can contain about anything”, he thinks], he opens the file and with a sad smile, says “Anyone would have to be mad to reject someone with the brains and beauty of my wife”, but as he opens her file, his eyes fall on something on her CV, something disturbing… As if she suddenly remembers something, she makes to grab the file from him but he holds on to it…

“Marital Status- Single?” he demands with an annoyed look on his face, “er… er… I can explain that”, she replies with an apologetic look- “Look, I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s a lot easier to declare single than to explain that your husband is… ” “…In Jail?” he finishes off for her… “It’s not that way…”, she says,  ”Then how is it? First, you start visiting only at night, next, you stop wearing your wedding ring, and now, this! What am I supposed to believe? It’s all beginning to make sense now…  there’s only one explanation- YOU’RE ASHAMED OF ME! After Everything!, you seem to forget so soon why I’m here, when you know…“. Between tears, she tries to say something, but her phone rings, interrupting her, she sees the number, wipes her eyes and answers the call…

“Hello, please call back later, I’m busy”, she looks at him uncomfortably, turns her chair away slightly and says, dropping her voice to an almost inaudible pitch, but he faintly hears the words: “ehm… no where really, just checking on a friend”… He is stupefied…

She hangs up and just stares blankly at him… “I should be leaving”, She says after a while… He doesn’t reply, he just keeps staring into space… After waiting awhile, she gets up and walks out of the door, signaling to the Police Officer that the visit is over… Dayo does nothing but stare at her departing figure through the window of the room, his mind void of thoughts. As he gets up to return to his cell, he sees her stop at the gate and slip something off her finger, into her bag, a teardrop slowly leaves his left eye to his cheek… His Silver lining suddenly seems extinguished by the dark cloud…

Ashamed (Part 1)

A Story written a while ago on my previous blog. I had to re-blog it because I believe it’ll bless you… Enjoy!


As they dance out of the wedding hall tired but full of excitement… a flushed couple begin to take their various photographs with their friends and loved ones, there is so much ado as turn by turn people strike their poses… Suddenly the Bride appears startled, apparently she has seen something that seems to shock her…. Everyone turns in the direction of her vision but there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual… an obviously bothered bride forges a smile and strikes an exaggerated pose for the next picture… The groom is however not deceived and keeps prodding her to know what’s wrong but “Nothing” remains the given reply until the groom drops the subject seeing that their first “after- wedding quarrel” seems well on it’s way. However as they make their way to the reception venue he can’t help but notice her withdrawal and the heated tension as her eyes dart around as if trying to spot something…or someone…

As time passes, things seem to get back to normal as the bride seems to have regained composure and once again looks happy but the groom can’t help thinking, “What could she have seen?” … He decides to shake the thoughts off and enjoy the day… “at least she seems happy now, it can’t be as serious as I thought” he thought.

As the Ceremony ends, the couple goes around greeting their guests and well wishers, the groom looks around for his bride to introduce her to an old friend present but he can’t seem to find her… “she’s probably back in the building with her friends” he thinks, but as time passes on and more people keep asking after her and she still hasn’t appeared, he decides to go and check for her. He walks into the building asking around for her but no one seems to have seen her anywhere… “Chika, have you seen Tolu around?” he asks her Chief Brides maid, “ehm, Dayo,  I think I …ehm…saw her go down that corridor with some one, but.. ehm… it’s nothing  she’ll soon be back” she says looking worried  as she points towards a passage to the right… “She’s been gone a while, I’ll check on her” he replies as he shakes off her restraining grip… An extremely tired Chika however seems unwilling to follow him to restrain him further, so she lets him go as she leaves the hall muttering some inaudible words under her breath…

As he walks down the corridor, some shouts come into his hearing that make him stop in his tracks, he walks cautiously towards the room the shouts seem to be coming from (apparently, a store room for drinks) he holds his breath as he catches some words from a heated conversation through the slightly open door… ” That was all in the past…” he hears his wife shout in an anguished voice, “SHUT UP!…” he hears a deep angry voice say… and then, the voices drop and he can’t make out the words anymore, he’s still contemplating whether or not to go in when he hears sounds of an intense struggle, followed by the sound of breaking glass and a deep groan…

His feet move of their own accord and he finds himself in the room, face to face with a trembling bride and a dark sturdy man on the floor as a pool of blood begins to form under his head, the attack weapon- a broken bottle is dropped by the nearly insane bride… Dayo dives for the injured man to check for his pulse as his wife is simply screaming her guts out for help… There’s a lot of noise as people gather at the door, obviously attracted by her screams… a lot of voices…”fetch an ambulance”…”is  he still alive?”… people rush around trying to save the day… And suddenly three Police officers walk in, they had been called over by the confused Hotel Authority…”Everybody step back!” they command as one stoops to check the man on the floor… he looks up to his counterparts with a shocked look in his eyes… “Dead”, he announces… an instant silence falls across the room, immediately followed by a lot of confused noise… “And who hit him?” the Police demand with a harsh voice as they turn to look at the people in the room… It only takes Dayo a second to make his decision… “I did it…”, he says just loud enough for them to hear… an astonished whistle sounds from some one nearby but he doesn’t hear it… all he sees is the questioning, pleading and shocked look in his wife’s eyes as with a scared but determined look, he looks into her eyes…


fruit-20110202-122518Research has shown that a great way to avoid illness (especially seasonal ones like Flu, Conjunctivitis, Malaria, Measles, e.t.c.) is to eat whatever is in season. Every season comes with its fruits and vegetables and these carry the immunity required for that season (God is simply PERFECT in His Work!) and the same applies to the seasons of our lives!

Every season in our lives comes with its unique challenges but with opportunities too! When we take our eyes off the challenges and on to the opportunities, we find that we are adequately equipped to handle whatever comes our way (1 Corinthians 10:13). So fret not! Whenever you seem lost or overwhelmed, just look within and around for the next move, the next word, the next change, the next decision, the solution, the opportunity of the moment.

Extra Tip: Fruits and Veggies present for each season (

January vegetables
Brinjal, palak, tendli, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, radish, beetroot, peas, broccoli, capsicum.
Strawberries, grapes, guava, papaya, pomegranate, pineapple, passion fruit.

February vegetables
Cabbage, methi, carrot, radish, spring onion, capsicum, broccoli.
Chickoo, musk melon, grapes, oranges, guava, papaya, pomegranate, pineapple, strawberries.

March vegetables
Spinach, fenugreek, capsicum, carrot, parwal (pointed gourd), tindora (ivy gourd), pumpkin.
Watermelon, mango raw, Totapuri, Badami, grapes, orange, pineapple, banana, muskmelon, strawberries.

April vegetables
Lady’s finger, cucumber, doodhi, tendli, karela, chawli, beans, parwal, tindora, pumpkin.
Same as March + jackfruit.

May vegetables
Spinach, cucumber, doodhi, karela, beans.
Mango — Alphonso, Kesar, raw — papaya, black jamuns, litchis, jackfruit, watermelon, muskmelon.

June vegetables
Spinach, lady’s finger, cucumber, chawli, gawar, corn, capsicum, sweet potato.
Mango — Alphonso, Kesar.

July vegetables
Same as June + round gourd, doodhi, snake gourd, karela.
Mango — Kesar, Totapuri — cherries, peach, plum.

August vegetables
Same as June.
Same as June + custard apple.

September vegetables
Same as June.
Guava, papaya, pomegranate, custard apple, passion fruit.

October vegetables
Brinjal, tomatoes, dill, spring onions.
Same as September.

November vegetables
Same as October + French beans.
Orange, dates, guava, papaya, pomegranate, custard apple.

December vegetables
Same as October + radish, beetroot, yam.
Strawberries, orange, sweet lime, fig, guava, custard apple, pineapple.

You may not be conversant with them all but you can locate those that can be found where you are.

Yahoo Scam Alert- WARNING!

A certain mail being sent supposedly by yahoo to its users to update their account information by logging in, then filling out personal data in 24hours or have their accounts suspended has been said to be false! Please don’t fall victim to phishing… Have a great day y’all

The Missing Ingredient


Sometimes you need to take a decision,

Sometimes you need to make a concession;

And even when everything looks right to the sight,

There’s still a voice within

Telling you things are really not as they seem.


It doesn’t matter how long you look at it,

All the pieces simply seem to fit;

“So why can’t I just say yes

And have everything swing into full process?”

There is but one thing lacking,

Something that definitely needs tackling.


It could be that new guy

That can get you everything money can buy;

 He’s so intelligent and charming

And even his smile is disarming;

But one way or the other,

You can’t seem to go any further.


Or could it be that dream job

That places you in the ‘happening’ club?

The pay is tight and the days are right,

But inside of you, it seems there’s a fight.


Or maybe it’s that business deal

That really does seem real,

You’d even look like a fool

If you miss an opportunity so cool;

But until you get that missing Ingredient,

You’d be better off if you never went


So what’s the Ingredient I’ve been writing about

That should determine whether you’re in or you’re out?

That Ingredient that makes you confident

And no matter what happens,

Your Spirit never dampens


That Ingredient is the Voice of the Lord

That leads you according to His Word;

It makes you know you’re on the right track,

It makes you know God’s got your back


So when next there’s a step to take,

When next there’s a decision to make,

Wait for that Ingredient because it’s what you need

And you’ll definitely be glad that you did!

——————————Ps 29:3-9

The Princess and the “PIN”

Okay, this is just my own silly rendition of “The Princess and the Pea” probably as it would have happened here in Naija… Enjoy!

Mama Ikenna eyed the beautiful Adaeze with intense suspicion. All these artificial ‘Mami-water’ girls that will be chasing her son around town since he finally made it in his electronics business in Lagos. For several years, she had been telling him to bring home a bride but his constant reply was “Mama, to get a wife in Lagos these days, you need money” and true enough, he never brought home any girl. She had even tried to organise a beautiful girl from their village but by the time the parents brought the bride list, she nearly died of a heart attack! “Chai! All that for that ugly Chinyere with no backside? (I thought we just called her beautiful) They should have requested for the head of her son as part of list so she’ll know that he will ‘die for love’, Tufia!

However, the tides changed last year when her son finally came home with his BMW E-21 model and everybody in the village was excited or at least faked it bmw(That Mama Uchenna was obviously faking it, bad bele woman! How would she be happy for anybody when her son was the village drunkard and chief of the draft-playing layabouts?) Sure enough, Ikenna emerged with Amaka barely 2 months after his ‘triumphant entry’ and Mama Ikenna had immediately taken to her. They had even carried palm wine to her parents and had started purchasing the things on the bride list when Ugo, her neighbour’s son, ran to her farm one afternoon to tell her that Amaka had slumped in the market, where she had gone to purchase things for her mother who she stayed on to be with even after Ikenna had returned to Lagos (signs of a well-brought-up Igbo girl). She was said to have been foaming seriously from the mouth and shaking all over. “Ewooo! Warapa!!!” Mama Ikenna needed no further information, the wedding was off!

She was therefore determined to handle this Adaeze girl with great caution. No bad gene must mix with her own o! It was common knowledge in their area that mermaid spirits (‘Mami-water’) usually visited the village river at night for their meetings. A period during which their bodies which they had left behind would be unable to feel anything, even if they were sawed through. Mama Ikenna had a plan.

She quickly adjusted her face into a smile as she made welcome her son and the beautiful lady he had introduced as Adaeze. She rushed into the kitchen to dish out the delicacies she had prepared for her son’s homecoming, smiling secretly as she thought out her plan. After serving the food to both her son and his guest, she prepared her son’s mat in his room and proceeded to prepare a mat for his guest in her own room. She was to sleep in her room that night so she could monitor her- “Let her not seduce my son in the night”. She would need to see the effect of her plan anyway.

It wasn’t until about 10pm that Ikenna and Adaeze were ready to sleep. Mama Ikenna was already contemplating going to send them off to bed like kids, “All the gisting they’d done in Lagos and on the road never do them?” As Mama Ikenna showed Adaeze where she was to sleep, she struggled to conceal the sly smile that threatened to take over her face. She had carefully positioned the pin under the mat so that Adaeze would not sleep directly on it until she probably rolled over in the night, showing she was at least still occupying her body. Mama Ikenna settled in the mat next to her and tried to keep awake till her plan was confirmed successful but try as she did, she fell fast asleep… Until a sharp cry sounded from right beside her. She woke up with a start! Then a peaceful smile formed on her face, her son had finally found a wife…

NATURE’S STUDENT- “Killer Mantis”

The Praying Mantis is an insect I find fascinating. One common myth about the Praying Mantis is the sexual predation of the female Praying Mantis. It is commonly said that the female Praying Mantis turns around and kills the male right after intercourse. Further research has however shown that this does not occur in all cases and infact only occurs 5-31% of the time and WAS USUALLY AS A MEANS OF SURVIVAL ESPECIALLY IN HUNGER, THE MALE BECOMING A SOURCE OF NUTRIENTS TO THE UNBORN OFFSPRING (

“Hey! Why are you saying all these?” Sometimes, we find ourselves in relationships (business, emotional, e.t.c) that have fully served their purpose and in fact, have begun to self destruct. We need to realise when a relationship needs to end. This doesn’t mean the person is bad or bad influence, but sometimes it is gainful to move on.

Maybe the Praying Mantis’ cannibalistic ‘move on’ is an extreme illustration but I believe you get the idea…

IJEBU GAL- Bankers’ Palava

Guess who’s back? It’s your Ijebu Gal sitting down sipping zobo and chatting with this my banker friend (you know all those banker guys that love their work so much that they continue following-up on their female customers even after working hours 😉 ). Anyway sha, I complained to him that I hadn’t gotten my NYSC allowance [e-mail] alert and he’s like “first thing tomorrow, go to the nearest branch and register for SMS alerts (at N15 per message) My guy, abeg drop that bottle, you’ve had enough. Now please don’t crucify this Ijebu Gal for not registering for SMS alerts, let’s look at this analytically:

1. For every phone alert, I go get free e-mail alert

2. I dey see my e-mails for my phone

3. If I no get e-mail alert (which may also happen in the case of phone alerts), I fit check ATM.

4. These ‘wayo’ people fit dey send alert for every credit, every debit (and another one for debit charge separate o), monthly statement and every mosquito wey fly pass their counter!
5. If na my account for saving, N50,000 fit become N49,850 overnight and if withdrawal limit dey upon that, that one na wahala.

So there we are! There’s really nothing wrong in using SMS alerts (And I’ve used them before), just don’t think it’s necessary for me 🙂

Still on these bankers’ palava, that’s how my fellow Ijebu gal wanted to pay money into a UK account o. She had paid before using her mastercard with (of course) some commission deducted on it. When she was to pay the other part of the money, these banker people started again, trying to convince her to transfer the money, first to one account then use one form like that to do some magical tricks. Thank God for networking and information. With a little more research, she found that that method would cost her about three times the commission on the card! Sharperly Sharperly, she comot her card, transfer the money joor! 😐 Who do they think they’re kidding? No be the person wey dey pay your money you go serve?

This is with no slight to bankers and trust me, sometimes, you definitely need their advice but just don’t forget your brains and think using another person’s. Read the little prints and be sure every advice or deal is truly in your best interest! 🙂

NATURE’S STUDENT: Cloud-Contrivance

Ever really considered the world of lessons we can learn from nature? It’s almost as if God is screaming to us “There are the answers to your questions!” Solomon said “Go to the ants… and learn wisdom”(Proverbs 6:6); It was also said that he spoke of trees, beasts, fishes, drawing lessons from them (1 Kings 4:33) and of course, Jesus told parables about the mustard seed, the birds, flowers e.t.c. So we’re back to school, and this time, we’ll be nature’s students. I will be posting from time to time under this series with the topic “NATURE’S STUDENT”, followed by the topic for that particular lesson (The stories and the “IJEBU GAL” series are still on too o)

face cloud

Well, I decided to call it ‘Cloud- Contrivance’. Have you ever stopped to study the cloud for a while and suddenly, it seems it is forming a pattern, say a man’s hand or a horse or face? It’s always amazing and you just wonder, “Is it just my imagination?” Sometimes, it’s actually REALLY obvious and you’re just amazed and want to grab your camera!


Would you take a moment and bring this to reality? Imagine that confusing situation being a mass of cloud. You’ve wondered where to start from, it seems there’s neither head nor tail.  Relax, take some time and just study it, don’t allow conflicting thoughts (I’m not trying to teach you yoga).You can take a walk, worship or even just rest. I have discovered that in those moments of peaceful meditation, ideas come and a pattern comes into view. You give the Holy Spirit time to minister to you and it seems like the answer had always just been right before you!

God applied this same principle in Genesis 1:2. The earth was formless and almost  ‘confusing’, then the Spirit of God moved across, taking in each detail and meditating. Then the light bulb appeared and the solution came (vs 3)!  And the next few days were filled with creative action (vs 4-31).


So next time you’re faced with a confusing situation, remember the ‘Cloud- Contrivance’, take a moment and find your pattern.


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